Sri Lanka Telecom Launches High Speed Broadband

gereenad (24)Sri Lanka Telecom the only wireline operator in the country, said it had soft-launched a VDSL2 (Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2) fixed broadband service.
The technology was demonstrated to Sri Lanka’s telecom minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, at a regional telecom office in Kegalle.The demonstration has seen data speeds in excess of 90Mbps, Sri Lanka Telecom said.

Unlike ADSL, (assymetrical-digital-subscriber-line) which gives fast downloads for home use, VDSL2 is fast on both directions and can be used for gaming and video conferencing in addition to television, voice calls.

Lalith De Silva, group chief executive of SLD said that VDSL2 makes possible data speeds of up to 100Mpbs on a copper wire which not available through other services.

VDSL2 works best over short distances to the subscriber through copper wires which are connected to a fibre optic network.

SLT said it was laying Fiber-to-the-Neighborhood/Node (FTTN) technology under its i-Sri Lanka project.(Lanka Business On Line)


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