Heart Surgeries Tops Presidents Fund Disbursements








More than Rs. 500 million from the Rs. 815 million that was given as medical aid by the President’s Fund in 2011 was spent on , according to the Auditor General’s Report on the Fund submitted to Parliament last Tuesday. The money was given for 4,310 surgeries done in 2011, as opposed to money given for 4,266 heart surgeries in 2010. A little over Rs. 49 million was given for kidney transplants and another Rs. 105 million for cancer treatment.

In 2011, the President’s Fund gave medical aid to 6,265 patients, which was a decrease of 165 patients over 2010. However the amount that was dispersed was higher by about Rs. 22 million over 2010.

The AG in his report said that the main deficiency in the system and controls observed during the audit of the Fund, was the underutilisation of funds as well as lack of budgetary control over some matters.

The President’s Fund stands at over one billion rupees at present.(Sunday Times)


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