Media Ethics In Question




The role of media ethics is in question in the self immolation incident in Kandy.

There is speculation that Mr. Kamal Suraweera was well aware of the incident as he had spoken to the priest before the incident.

A web site reported that Mr. Kamal Suraweera had is tripod well stationed to report the happening and he did take any preventive measures.

Meanwhike another website reported that the Govt is trying to slide the people’s attention away by placing the blame of the on the Swarnawahini and Mawbima Kandy reporter

Colombo City coroner had summoned Mr.Suraweera to Colombo and had questioned why he did not do anything to prevent the action even when the monk was telling him of his intentions.

However, Mr.Suraweera has denied the accusation by saying that he warned the monk when he made the life sacrifice, that he would call the police if the monk starts a thing like that.


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