Sri Lanka’s Rebel Wijeweera’s Daughter Stressed

Wijeweera  Family

Wijeweera Family

Wattala Chief Magistrate Ms.Lanka Jayasekera after inspecting the medical reports of Ms. Dasuni Eisha, the eldest daughter of the JVP founder Rohana Wijeweera, today confirmed that the defendant is suffering from a psychiatric stress.

Magistrate made this statement after hearing the case of Ms. Eisha who is charged with the accusation of assaulting and wounding her mother and brother who was brought before the Wattala magistrate court today (10).

Magistrate declared that the medical reports confirm that the defendant was suffering from a psychiatric stress during the assault.

Magistrate ordered the copies of the reports to be given to the Police and to take the appropriate steps.

She ordered the Prison officers to direct the defendant to the Government Psychiatric therapy unit for further treatments.

After the execution of Mr. Rohana Wijeweera, his wife and children are living in the Walisara Navy camp under Navy protection. The assault has happened there(Sri Lanka Mirror)


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