DIG Vass Gunawardena in Remand but Controversy Continues

DIG Vass Gunawardena is at the Colombo hospital under remand custody.

Police informed court that y the  controversial police officer has thretened the investigating officer .

I am a murderer, you all are not able to keep me inside forever Shani, when I am out, see what I will do to you all” DIG Western Province (North) Vass Gunawardena had threatened the Criminal Investigation Department team led by ASP Shani Abeysekara,.

DIG  Vass Gunawardena was arrested on June 10 and now is being held in remand custody and not the prevention of terrorism act ,which he was initially arrested.

The Colombo Additional Magistrate Mohammed Sahabdeen was informed yesterday by the CID regarding the threat when producing a report on the progress of the investigation into the killing of businessman Mohamed Shyam Huzamdeen. ASP Shani Abeysekara  informed Court that the statement of the suspect DIG has posed a threat to the lives of the officials who are investigating the DIG‘s criminal activities and his involvement in the murder of the millionaire businessman, as well as their families.

Following investigations conducted into the incident, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on June 06 arrested Sub-Inspector Lakmini Bamunusinghe, attached to the office of the DIG Western Province (North), along with three Police Constables (PCs) serving in the DIG’s special unit.

Upon interrogating the arrested police officers, the CID uncovered information regarding the DIG’s alleged involvement in the businessman’s murder .

According to the state run Daily News the CID filing a B report before Additional Magistrate  Shaheed yesterday said suspect Chutta had told them that DIG Vaas Gunawardena was allegedly given Rs. one million out of Rs. 30 million agreed in the contract to kill business tycoon Mohomed Siyam.

Chutta was arrested and Rs. 400,000 was recovered from his possession.

DIG Vaas Gunawardena when arrested admitted that he was a killer (Mama mini maruwek).

The Daily Mirror reported as follows

Producing a further report in court yesterday on the investigations into the killing of a businessman named Shyam and the subsequent arrest of DIG Vaas Gunawardena, four policemen and two civilians in connection with the incident, the CID said initial investigations were conducted by the Bambalapitiya police.

The investigations were later handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) after which, on a directive by the IGP the investigations were taken over by the CID.

The CID, while stating that statements were recorded from 6 persons regarding the incident, said there was information that Shyam had been abducted in a van bearing registration number WP CP 2855 and a double cab bearing number WP PD 4876.

Krishantha Vishwaraj Korale who is presently in custody, had been engaged in a business importing garments from China. During interrogations he had revealed that a friend of his named Fowzudeen from Wellawatte had been carrying out a shoe manufacturing business with the late Shyam. Korale had said Rs. 40 million had been invested in the business by Fowzudeen and Shyam had not returned it. Therefore, to find a solution to this Korale had taken Fowzudeen to DIG Vaas Gunawardena, the CID reported to court.

The CID had stated that according to the statement made by Krishantha Korale he had owed Rs. 18.5 million to Fowzudeen.  Korale in his statement had further said Fowzudeen had said if he was able to get back the Rs. 40 million from Shyam, Krishantha could keep Rs. 8.5 million and give Rs. 10 million to Vaas Gunawardena, from the money Korale owed Fouwzudeen.

The CID reported that according to the statement by Korale, since Vaas Gunawardena had agreed to carry out the task, he had taken Fowzudeen to meet Vaas Gunawardena at his Nedimala residence on several occasions. The CID informed court that Korale had stated, although Vaas Gunawardena had tried to abduct Shyam several times using policemen under him, it had been unsuccessful.

The CID said Krishantha Korale had revealed that Shyam was abducted by him and put into a cab on May 22 at Kandewatte in Nugegoda after he was brought there by Fowzudeen on the pretext of discussing a business transaction. The CID informed that Korale’s statement had revealed that later, on a phone call received from Mr. Vaas Gunawardena, Shyam was taken to Mr. Vaas Gunawardena’s house and there, Vaas Gunawardena’s son Ravindu Gunawardena and a constable had got into the double-cab with firearms.

The CID stated that Korale in his statement revealed that Shyam was later taken in Korale’s van and after passing the Kaduwela Bridge a person had called him saying “We will finish off Shyam. Don’t tell anyone about it. Come tomorrow morning and take the van.”

The CID informed court that Mohammed Fowzudeen Muflih who was alleged to have given the contract to kill Shyam, giving a statement had revealed that after providing the opportunity to abduct Shyam, he had later informed Shyam’s family that he had disappeared and a false complaint was made to the  Bambalapitiya police about it.

The CID informed court that a Sub-Inspector and three constables who worked under Mr. Vaas Gunawardena were taken into custody after it was revealed during the lengthy investigations that they were connected with crime. The CID also informed court that Mr. Vaas Gunawardena was taken into custody on June 10 over aiding and abetting and conspiring to kill a person after abducting him and suppressing evidence.

The CID also informed court that when they prepared to arrest Mr. Vaas Gunawardena after questioning him and reading the charges against him, he had pushed aside the seat he had occupied and threatened: “I felt that you were going to do this to me… You can’t keep me inside always. Shani, I am a murderer. See what I will do on the day I come out.”

The CID informed court that this was a threat on the investigating officers and their families and all officers present at that moment had made entries about it.

The CID informed that both Mohammed Fowzudeen Muflih and Krishantha Korale had given statements before the magistrate revealing details about this crime, but there was deep suspicion as to why Shyam was shot and killed and his naked body dumped in an isolated location. The CID also informed that the Colombo Crime Division had found two plastic ropes, a piece of chintz cloth and a few hairs. Further, the fingerprint officers had found suspicious finger and palm prints from the van that was used in the abduction. (By Manopriya Gunasekera and Ileshan Amarasinghe) –


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