Sri Lankan Woman Goes for Abortion, Raped



A Sri Lankan court ordered a man to be kept in custody for nine months and 22 days till March 3, 2013, on two counts. He not only raped a married woman who was pregnant and had come to him for an abortion, but also carried out an illegal abortion, ‘Divaina’ newspaper reported.

The person was running a medical center at Bandaranaike Mawatha, Ratnapura in Sri Lanka.

Besides this case, the suspect had been bailed out for an earlier offence, which was pending in the High Courts, Ratnapura, for murdering a woman after raping her.

The suspect, who was facing legal action for the offences, is being investigated further. He had allegedly carried out another abortion in 2010.

The judge cancelled his bail and he will be refused bail on any condition as requested by the defence counsel.

The judge said that when an accused was on bail, he should have refrained from engaging in illegal acts such as abortions and rapes, and since he has continued to commit the same offences repeatedly, he cannot be let out on bail again.


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