‘Crow Island’ to Fly


Steps will be taken to convert ‘Crow Island’ in Mattakkulya into a public recreational facility under the Metro Colombo Development Project. Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the architect behind the beautification and modernization of the city of Colombo visited the proposed site for an inspection.

The Crow Island is a neglected strip of land of about five acres situated close to the Kelani river mouth. Even though it was once patronized by the public it has long been neglected and under maintained. Due to its present state of derelict this valuable asset was underutilized for a long time.

Under the direction of Secretary Defence who is assiduously working towards making Colombo a show piece cit, preliminary plans have already been drawn to convert this eyesore into a park cum public recreational facility. The facility will include all modern amenities while special care will be taken to conserve the natural environment and surroundings during and after the construction of the project.

Once completed the Crow Island park will be a popular public venue such as the Diyatha Uyana and the Wetland Park in Nugegoda which have become huge crown pullers.

During today’s visit the Secretary inspected the site and gave instructions for the speedy implementation of the project.

Officials of the Urban Development Authority, Coast Conservation Department and the World Bank accompanied the Secretary on his visit.


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