Tamil Demonstrates Attacked by Cricket Fans in london

At approx. 21:00hrs on Monday 17 June, officers on-duty outside the Oval Cricket Ground became aware of a number of items being thrown by members of the crowd. The crowd had dispersed by 21:35hrs. No arrests were made in connection with the incident.” London Metropolitan Police told Colombo Telegraph.

“London today saw ugly scenes of violence against democratic protests by Tamil activists at entrance of Oval grounds , as Sri Lankan ethnic Sinhala fan mobs gathered an assaulted Tamils, as they do in Sri Lanka.  The fans came out as excited after victory of Sri Lanka over Australia turned angry denying the rights of Tamil’s campaign to bring awareness of atrocities, ethnic Tamils are going through in the island under Sri Lankan military. The violence by Sri Lankan mobs injured few activists while the ugly display of Sri Lankan fans showed the real display of of situation in Sri Lanka.” News of the Transtamils reports.

“Sri Lankan cricket fans throw rocks and bottles at ‘Boycott Sri Lankan Cricket’ activists handing out leaflets outside the Oval, London.” Tamil Guardian reports.

Video and picture courtesy Tamil Guardian.





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