Lady Lecturer at Open University Sri Lanka Stabbed by Student-Viedio

blood (6)

A female lecturer of the Nawala Open University Law Faculty was in a critical condition after she was repeatedly stabbed by a law faculty student. a short while ago.

admitted to a private hospital while the suspect is being held inside a room and a tense situation is reportedly prevailing in the university premises.

Police personnel arrived at the scene of the tragedy a short while ago and are bringing the situation under control.

The victim is identified as Yashodara Kadirgamathambi, the Head of Law Department of the Open University.

. The student had fallen ill due to the consumption of some liquid and admitted to the Kalubowila Hospital where he was arrested, Police said.

Police confirmed a short while ago that the accused student, Shivagnanasundaram Surendrajith had stabbed the female divisional head of the Open University with a knife. It is also revealed that the student who is studying under the Law faculty of the university and was also a Doctor.

Meanwhile, an Open University student, who is also a doctor, was arrested in connection with the incident, police said.

Mirihana police said the suspect student was admitted to the Kalubowila Hospital after he swallowed some tablets.

It was revealed that the student alleged to have stabbed the lecturer after she refused to accept his assignment which he handed over after the due date

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