Jagath Chamila best actor at New York Film Festival

jagath 214)

Popular Teledrama and Film actor Jagath Chamila who appears in teledramas broadcast on Hiru TV, Sudui Usai and Sada Pinibidaka has won the award for Best Actor at the New York city International film festival.

He won the award for acting in the main role of Piyankara Withanarachi’s Sammy’s Story.

He is the first Sri Lankan to win the prestigious award.

Edward Furlong of the United States, Sebastian Jason of Denmark and Omar Franco of Cuba were nominated for the best actor award along with Jagath Chamila.

Jagath Chamila, who entered cinema through the 1996 film ‘Guru Gedara’, has taken part in numerous stage, tele and film productions


The film “Sam’s Story” is based on the critically acclaimed book of the same name written by Capt. Elmo Jayawardena that won the Gratiaen Prizein 2001. The story is woven around ‘Sam’, the protagonist, who is a poor, mentally challenged boy from a Sri Lankan village





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