Investors looking for land to Grow Sri Lankan Agar-Walla Patta


Traditionally known as ‘walla’ later baptised by the media as ‘Walla Patta’ and now being popularized as ‘Sri Lankan Agar’ is attracting investor attention.

Many investors who have been attracted by the possibility of high profit margins are looking for land

In the low country wet zone to grow this tree that is capable of generating a razin that is used to produce high quality Razin.

Dr Upali subasinha who has undertaken research on how to propagate this tree has said that the market value of the recently confiscated vallapatta or Sri Lankan Agar has been hyped by the local media. However its potential to make profits is difficult to deny.

Every Walla Patta tree grows naturally does not produce Agarwood resins and research needs to be undertaken to find out the most appropriate methods for Sri Lanka to identify  seed germination methods, effective agar wood resin induction methods, Optimum resin extraction methods.

Senor Minister S B Nawinna has been entrusted with coordinating several line departments to popularize the growing of the tree to boost house hold incomes.

Meanwhile several private investors are seeking advice from Thailand where agar wood is been grown on a commercial scale.

Many global investment companies promote Agar wood cultivation in Thailand.


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