Health Minister Alarmed over Contaminated Saline


sri lanka health


Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena today instructed Health Secretary Nihal Jayathilake to lodge a complaint with the CID to find the truth behind the alleged contaminated bottles of saline from government hospitals.

This followed a health sector trade union allegation that contaminated saline had been given to dengue patients at government hospitals, putting their lives at risk. The trade union also alleged that there was the danger of the entire stock of saline – Dextran 40 imported from Thailand for dengue patients may have been contaminated.

The trade union showing a bottle of Dextran 40 saline, displayed particles found in the bottle saying it was contaminated and the lives of dengue patients were at risk if given the saline.

Addressing a news briefing at the Health Education Bureau today, Director Medical Supplies Division, Dr. Kamal Jayasinghe, while dismissing the allegations said Dextran 40 saline had to be stored under the temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit and if the temperature went up there was the possibility of the glucose contained in the bottle to become clotted.


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