Mervin’s Son Attacked by Tweleve and Now at Home -viedio





Daily Mirror Report

Minister Minister Mervyn Silva said 12 men had attempted to abduct his son Malaka this evening and that he was injured during the fracas at the ODEL car park in Town Hall.

When asked by journalists about the injuries suffered by his son, the minister responded by saying, ‘Why? Are you a doctor?’

“I was at home when my son called me and said 12 unidentified men had assaulted him and that he had fought back. I told him to get himself admitted to hospital and allow the police to carry out their investigations,” he said.

“Police are carrying out investigations. When 12 people assault one person obviously he is bound to get injured. But I am happy that he is in a stable condition. This could have ended up at the mortuary but I am happy he is stable”, he said

The minister said the biggest question is why 12 people should assault him.

When a journalist asked him whether he was was aware that such an incident might happen, he said if he knew he won’t be here talking to the media.

“My brother, sister and brother-in-law were killed by the JVP-UNP. Go to Tissamaharama and ask how many of the murderers are still alive,” the minister said.

Before leaving to ODEL he asked the journalists, ‘Why are you asking me about his wounds”.

The police emergency unit rushed to the scene after receiving a 119 call from an eyewitness to the incident. According to eyewitnesses Malaka had received several blows to his head.

He was admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital shortly afterwards. Several senior police officers arrived at the scene but the miscreants had left by then.

Detectives recorded a statement from one of the eyewitness who is believed to be a security guard of the clothing store. They are also expected to examine the CCTV camera footage as well

Public relations Minister Mervyn Silva says his son Malaka Silva is not serious following the attack at the Odel clothes store car park today.

He said that a group of men had approached Malaka and asked him if he was Malaka Silva.

When he said yes then the men had attempted to drag him towards a black Montero jeep.

Malaka had resisted and he was assaulted by the gang after which he drove away from the scene.

Minister Silva said that Malaka had contacted him following the incident and briefed him on what had taken place and went to hospital for treatment.

The Minister said he was still not sure who had carried out the attack but he added that he will take stern action once he finds out


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