Grim warning from ‘Himalayan tsunami’ to Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka’s Hill Country has experienced heavy rains this week. According to Disaster Management Centre, Watawala, Dikkoya and Ambagamuwa DS Divisions in the Nuwara-Eliya District were under flash floods. ( Experts point out that areas like Watawala had been rarely under the flood in the past, despite area receive highest rainfall traditionally. This surely be hints on that Climate Change is on our doorstep. 

Last month, India’s Hill Country Uttarakand has received over 400% rainfall in some parts bringing a disaster killing thousands, What Sri Lanka can learn from Uttarakand floods..? Here is my article published on SundayTimes on 28.07.2013 

A few weeks ago, the Himalayan region faced a flood so devastating it was called Himalaya’s Tsunami. TV footage showed horrific images of large buildings being washed off hillsides by the floods. The official death toll topped 1000 but it is believed to be many times that as the…

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