UNP Protest Demand-Who Gave Firing Orders At waliveriya?


The UNP protesters who gathered in the thousands demanded from the president to know the truth behind the Weliverya killngs.



Mr. President/ Minister of Defence,


Free Trade Zone worker Roshen Chanaka and Warnakulasuriya Anthony from Chilaw were gunned down for standing up for their rights. Solutions to their issues were provided through bullets.


Your government has failed to provide solutions to the innocent carpenters in Rawatawatte, villagers in Noori who have been suffering under a reign of terror for years and thousands of farmers who have been agitating against political henchmen who are trying to destroy the Rajangana reservoir.


Despite the failure of your government to address these issues, your state mechanism was once again unleashed on innocent civilians.


The military was unleashed on the villagers in Rathupaswala who demanded clean drinking water on August 1st. Brute force was used on children, women and old people. Young lives were lost as a result and many others were injured.


Two students and a youth were killed by the military personnel who opened fire at unarmed civilians.


The Force for Unity was formed by the people to stand for the rights of our populace and demand answers from your government.


We demand to know:

  1. Who issued the orders to the military to open fire at unarmed civilians?
  2. Why were military personnel deployed to disperse the protestors with live ammunition?
  3. Name the officers and soldiers who were personally responsible for the murder of innocent civilians.
  4. Why hasn’t an independent probe being initiated into the Weliweriya attack?


As the elected President and Minister of Defence of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka you are duty bound by the country’s Constitution to provide answers to the electorate.


Force for Unity


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