The Four Profesers Attending Tamil Conference in UK in Trouble


NandimithraEkanayaka 410px 13 08 15

Higher Education Ministry says that an inquiry will be held regarding the 4 professors in 3 local universities who have been alleged to have taken part in a conference held in Britain about establishing a separate Tamil Govt in Sri Lanka.

In an inquiry made, Education Deputy Minister Nandimithra Ekanayaka said that like Ministers and MPs, university lecturers too are bound to preserve the unitary status of the country.

He said that if found that these professors have participated in such conference, then there is a possibility of taking disciplinary action against them.

CDS Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya yesterday said that 3 lecturers from Uwa Wellassa, Peradeniya and Jaffna have taken part in this conference.

He further said that the Sri Lankan High Commission in Britain has informed about this to the intelligence units and they are now investigating the matter.

These lecturers had left the country by saying that they are taking part in a special research held in Britain from the 12th to the 20th.- SRI lanka Mirror


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