Sanga Back to the Wicket

Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Kumar Sangakkara after a spat with a high ranking official of Sri Lanka Cricket said today that discussions with the SLC Executive Committee were fruitful and that SLC President Jayantha Dharmadasa had taken the initiative to iron out issues that had surfaced recently

Speaking to the media upon conclusion of the discussion at the SLC headquarters, Maitland Crescent, Sangakkara said that everyone made their representations and the matter was now settled.

“We spoke about everything and everyone made their representations. It was very fruitful and now I am looking forward to playing the Champions Trophy Tournament,” he said.

He said the loss he suffered equivalent to 19 million Sri Lankan rupees for playing for Kandurata instead of his IPL franchise was taken up during the meeting, Sangakkara replied in the negative.

“We didn’t speak about any of that. We only spoke of the game and the recent standoff between me and the Cricket Board,” he said.

He said that SLC President Jayantha Darmadasa had been instrumental in ensuring the matter being settled amicably.

Earlier, SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranathunga was singled out as being a prime mover in a media campaign against Sangakkara.

Media reports alleged that the Cricketing star was “harassed” by Ranathunga in his capacity as secretary.

“SLC Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa had taken a lot of effort to ensure that the matter was settled amicably, we discussed how players and the board could have a good understanding and avoid such situations in the future,” he said. (Yohan Bashura and Hafeel Farisz)



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