Sex Bribe Taking Caught at Gust House-Principal Remanded




The Principal of the Kottawa – Ananda vidyalaya who had attempted to obtain a sexual bribe has been arrested by the Bribery or Corruption Commission.

The Commission stated that the principal in question had attempted to obtain a sexual bribe from the mother who wanted to enter her child to the first grade.

The Investigations Director of the Bribery or Corruptions Commission Senior DIG Somaweera Lokuge stated that the principal was arrested at a guest house in Werahera based on a complaint lodged by the aggrieved party.

The mother of a child who was seeking admission to grade one of Kottawa – Ananda vidyalaya was ver keen in geting her son admited and she approached the Principal.

“You dont have enough marks to gain admission ” said  the principal.

As the mother was desperate in getting her son in to the school she pleaded with the principal who suggested that if she ws willing to have sex with him the child could be admitted.

The contacted the bribery commission and was advised to pretend to agree to the plan.The Principal is said to have booked a room at a gust hose in the  Werahera area.

As the mother and the principal  entered the room and closed the door the police officers who were on site forcefully opened the door and arrested the suspect.

This is the first time a principal has been arrested for soliciting a sexual bribe for a school admission.





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