Sri Lanka looking out for Investors

 Sri Lanka is expecting more foreign investment into shares, officials who participated in a forum in Hong Kong have said.
Sri Lanka’s Securities and Exchange Commission said in a statement that over 100 institutional, high net worth investors, and fund managers participated in theinvestment forum where 11 Sri Lankan firms were showcased.”We are pleased to have received a positive response from participants for our first ever investor event in Hong Kong,” Colombo Stock Exchange chairman Krishan Balendra was quoted as saying in the statement.

Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal, SEC chief Nalaka Godahewa and Balendra had also made presentations.

Sri Lanka is the fastest growing economy in South Asia,” the statement quoted Cabraal as saying.

“With promising growth in major sectors including ports, tourism, real estate, financial services and outsourcing industries, we believe Sri Lanka will provide an excellent investment opportunity …, against the backdrop of a challenging global economy.”


SEC chief Godahewa had said that his agency would work closely with other international regulatory bodies to “better understand adhere to international standards in order to enhance the confidence of foreign investors.”


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