Sri Lanka -South Asian Heroin Hot Spot-





The mastermind of South Asia’s largest known heroin smuggling racket, a Pakistani underworld kingpin known as Sardari Bawan, had visited Sri Lanka on 8 August, and had met local operatives, police investigations have revealed.

The Acting Police Spokesman, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ajith Rohana, said the Sri Lanka Police have sought an Interpol Red Notice to arrest the suspect, who is believed to be operating from Pakistan. The Police Narcotic Bureau has already obtained Court approval in order to seek an Interpol Red Notice on the suspect.

Investigators have unearthed important details about the international drug smuggling network, based on information provided by the suspects who are in police custody, at present. Police Narcotic Bureau earlier obtained permission from the Court to further question the suspects who were arrested over the incident where 261 kg of ‘Brown Sugar’ heroin, which was concealed in grease canisters imported from Pakistan, were seized.


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