UNP’s SAJITH Hits out at TNA Manifesto







UNP Hambantota District parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa accuses the TNA of promoting confrontational politics in a bid to win the Northern Provincial Council polls.


Premadasa, addressing a public rally at Ranmuduwewa Viharaya in Sooriyawewa last week, condemned the TNA’s conduct while campaigning for the Sept. 21 election.


The North and the East had remained merged temporarily and the Supreme Court had ordered that they be demerged, Premadasa said, questioning the TNA’s right to campaign for a remerger. He said the people of the East were opposed to a remerger.


Premadasa said that the TNA had announced that they would get foreign aid direct to the Northern Province after winning the election, but it was illegal.


He said that if they obtained foreign aid directly for the province it would be a separate country.


“Northern and other provincial councils function under the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,” Premadasa said, adding that they could seek foreign aid for the development of the province only with the approval of the government.


The TNA should know they could not collect get aid direct violating the financial regulations of the country, he said.


People were being misled by the TNA by claiming the North was the homeland of Tamils, but any person in this country could go anywhere or reside anywhere. The entire country was the homeland for all ethnic groups, Premadasa said.


“Anyone from the TNA could come and reside in Hambantota and if I want I can go and reside in Jaffna,” the MP said.


Premadasa said that the TNA obstructed the post-war reconciliation process by promoting separatism.-the island

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